Alex Schultz, CEO/Co-Founder



Alex is one of the principals and a founding partner of Limitless Management. As a seasoned real estate investor with a notable track record, Alex uses his experience and success as an investor and broker to bring quality results to clients.



With an extensive background in the real estate market, Alex has been buying and selling profitable properties for the last six years. During that time, he has acquired and successfully disposed of over 300 houses, as well as multiple apartment complexes.



Having gained a feel for the local market, Alex used his passion and knowledge to lay the foundation for what would ultimately become Limitless Management. With a strong history and network of investors and brokers, Alex partnered with Yanky Scheinfeld and started purchasing and managing a portfolio of single & multifamily rental properties. Together, Alex and Yanky built a team that has brought new life – and profit – to unexpected properties.

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Yanky Scheinfeld, President/Co-Founder

Yanky began his successful real estate career working in both residential and commercial leasing and management for BECO Management, a Metropolitan DC-based real estate firm that owns and manages over 7 million square feet of commercial property across 4 states. With his strong leasing and management background, and looking into the ownership of his own firm, Yanky partnered with Alex Schultz and Limitless Management was born.



Together, Yanky and Alex quickly built up an extensive portfolio of over 600 units in Maryland. Using their unique skills, the team has a knack for finding the potential and value in both mismanaged and underachieving assets. Having built a sterling reputation, Alex and Yanky have purchased communities from notable owners, and have built partnerships with private investors who continue to seek growth in the rental housing market.


Built around an all-star team that understands Yanky and Alex’s vision and shares their relentless work ethic, Limitless Management prides ourselves on the quality of management we provide our residents as well as investors.